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Recreational Sports Programs

ASA Recreational Sports

Ready to join our All Stars family? We have co-ed recreational sports for your child’s special interests. Teams will be separated into their appropriate age groups starting from ages 4 and up. Our recreational sports include Baseball,  Flag Football, Soccer, and Tennis.

Flag Football

Flag Football is a great alternative to playing the game of football without the physical contact. Players will learn the fundamentals of the sport and would run down the field to score a touchdown like any normal game. The only difference is instead of tackling the opponent’s, players will try to pull the flag off the carrier’s belt.

Ages 6-13 (Boys & Girls)

Official Allstar Activities Flag Football Jersery included in Registration fee

Coaches and referees needed to join the Allstar Activities Family!


Soccer is one of the more popular sports and is a great team building sport. It is also a great sport to start with if your child has never tried any previous sports because it is easy to learn and the rules are simple. Just get the ball into the opponent’s goal with out using your hands!