Westwood Park    

11350 SW 53rd Terrace Miami FL 33165

Dance and Cheerleading Program


Classes include traditional barre, center  work, and focuses on building strong technique. Teachers emphasize body alignment, posture, flexibility, muscle memory and control.


These classes build off of the basics of Ballet (balance, flexibility, and control), yet are faster paced. It offers a wide variety of musical accompaniment and promotes individual expression.


Lyrical classes combine the strength and passion of Jazz with the grace and fluidity of Ballet. It emphasizes the performance and storytelling aspect of dance. (Ballet and Jazz are pre-requisites for lyrical classes.)

Hip Hop

Hip Hop classes develop strength and stamina along with muscle memory. The classes are fast paced and energetic with new combinations every week. No previous dance training is needed.


Contemporary classes are a mixture of Lyrical and Jazz. It consists of modern technique and movement utilizing a wide range of music.

Recreational Cheerleading/Competitive Cheer and Dance

Our Recreational Cheer Program is a focused on learning and mastering the basics of cheerleading. Motions, jumps and Stunts are learned during each practice. The goal of the recreational program is to teach the fundamentals of cheerleading. Learning the fundamentals will help them prepare for All-Star cheerleading, High School Cheerleading and will ensure they become more flexible and confident athletes. Recreational Cheer is great, inexpensive way to get involved in cheerleading and a fun way to gain experience in the sport. There are no tryouts for these particular teams, and new athletes (both boys & girls) are welcome to join any time throughout the year.